Someone almost walked away with all of my stuff...

Social Well Being Trainer | International Public Speaker | Award Winnning Best Selling Author​​​​​​​​​.

After a short hiatus, I am excited to return to the stage doing what I love--invigorating others to use their POWER to change what is, into what it should be.   Everyone has a story, in fact a life time of stories-good and, well, some not so good.  

Why did I begin telling my stories?

In December, 2018, I yielded to an amazing opportunity with 18-professional women around the world to share a life experience after years of traumatic events, not to mention the historical and collective trauma suffered my entire existence. Many are called, few are chosen, and even fewer say YES.

I said, YES!!

  Throughout the process of writing, I realized how interconnected my story is to the journey that propelled me to where I am today--a place of hope on a mission to help others to live and not die. The rehabilitative process of writing opened doors I would never have imagined and today, our fearless stories
are transforming the mindset and lives of others.

I share inspirational messages with schools, universities, organizations, conferences, corporate groups and more all over the world.   
When we are equipped with the right tools, we can develop the resilience to speak
POWER to our TRUTH.  


Today, my fearless sisters and I are Amazon's #1 best selling authors of the hot new release,
"Tear the Veil,"
a 2-volume series is slated for documentary and big screen. 


"Stop letting others walk away with all your stuff!
Your RAINBOW is enough" 
Capitol Hill
United Nations
London, United Kingdom
Atlanta, GA Red Carpet
Greenville, NC
St Louis, Missouri


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