Dr. Savage born 2.6 oz, never envisioned all the blessings GOD bestowed.  Having struggled with learning, she overcame many hurdle to achieve a Ph.D. by learning to learn. 

She began her career at the tender age of 19 with the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylavnia,  planning development events in Corporate Partnership with Fortune 500 companies and International Dignitaries.   She advanced her career in higher education at East Carolina University followed by 10 years of service in healthcare administration at Vidant Health .

During her seasons of child-rearing and building the dreams of others, she also saw opportunities to engage and organize with system partners to take her community from devastation to development after the flood of the century--Hurricane Floyd. She has spent nearly 25-years advocating for the rights of others and strategically designing and implementing community programs.

"We are the first investors of community" ~Dr. Eve

 She is the mother of 4 adult children and grandmother of six.  She resides in North Carolina with her husband of 27-years. She is an influencer to more than 19,000 community members internationally and shares her journey to excellence in leadership through her work in community. 
Are you ready for a
 transformational experience?  
Dr. Savage has been featured in Moms With Dreams, Women Win Together, International Diaspora Network, Success Women, Substantial Magazine, Fortune, WOOW Radio, Kiss 101.9, and more.  She has recently been named Advocacy Chair for the National Organization of Human Services advocating for others around the country.