"What we teach and practice moves into ever widening concentric circles.
We must deliberately consider the effects of what we teach" – Dr. Eve

Leadership development that supports the growth of others allows me to fulfill the social responsibility of change that affirms human social value. I am encouraged through my passion for education and research to explore and analyze new ways to build upon leadership and teaching effectiveness. In today’s climate it is important to empower individuals with culturally responsive tools meeting them where they are for greater success. Personal and professional experience in corporate, academia, and healthcare have provided insight, ownership of skilled knowledge and intellectual property to serve as a brand Ambassador in the development of best practices across disciplines.

Ph.D., Human Services, Capella University, March 2016 
M.S., Criminal Justice, Fayetteville State University, May 2011
C.A.S. Substance Abuse Counseling, East Carolina University, May 2009
B.S., Criminal Justice, Fayetteville State University, December 2007
A.A., General Education Peirce College, Philadelphia, PA​ 

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