A VIP day, is a one-on-one day where we work together full steam ahead on a focus-driven project or goal for 1-3 days (client preference).  YOU are the VIP (Very Important Person).  On this day you are extra special and it's all about YOU. 
Our time together is dedicated to getting YOU results by focusing on a set of goals to achieve within a set period of time.  I have had full days of VIP with my coach and clients.  The success of VIP days is the clarity you receive by focusing on a particular topic without multi-tasking and constant interruptions that take away from your special project.  

  • You spend quality time on your focus-driven project of the day where no distractions are permitted
  • We begin with a specified start and stop times during the day (with a period for fun time too)
  • Together we develop an action plan of achievable steps between the VIP day with a set schedule to implement the steps needed.  
  • Get an indepth view into your plans through one-to-one engagement that produces new rewarding ideas. 
  • Progress toward your goal at a faster pace than project piecemeal.  You know  what to do and how to get it done.