Did you know that millennials are a more  "connected, overscheduled, and ethnically diverse group?"  They suffer from short patience and a need for immediate answers.  They are more likely to google for help.  ​​Traditional processes will not work for them.  ​Instead, traditional services will need to be supported by 24/7/365 online supportive environments.   In fact, the number of millennials seeking behavioral health alone has increased at five times the rate of new millennials starting college for the first time.

Dr. Savage has spent the last 20-years advocating for the welfare of others through grassroots and global initiatives for empowerment across domains.  She has found great success in facilitating groups for adolescents and adults. She is highly experienced in transformational processes that help others actively self-monitor and develop actionable steps for change as a culturally competent skilled facilitator.  Her work has helped individuals to develop the resiliency to make better choices and communicate effectively.