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Vertical innovation adds value to YOUR service so that YOU maximize your delivery and enhance your customer experience.  Knowledge and skills of innovative processes propel LEADERS to the top of their industry with cutting edge techniques to increase customer access, loyalty, and communications.  Take the next step in progressive service to improve the culture of service access while leveraging your relevance, reach, and revenues. 

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Group Facilitation™ consultants and take your service globally to serve nations.  Grow exponentially and practice in place while helping others to thrive wherever they are in the world. 
Just in case you are still not convinced, everyone is a mobile user...
  • 92% of adults own a cell phone,
  • 170 million tablet users expected to soar to 185 million;
  • 7.3 billion mobile subscribers expected to soar to 9.1 billion;
  • 81% of millenials use mobile for everything including work
  • generation xers are the fastest growing mobile user
  • 1 of 4 mobile shoppers is over 55 ​


I am Dr. Eveangel Savage, Global Instructor |  Researcher | & Consultant for Innovation in Practice  Extend your service delivery, relevance, reach, and revenues.