Are you tired?

...of societal norms perpetuating inequities, inequalities, disparities, marginalization, disproportionality, discrimination, and systemic barriers and don't know how or where to begin to effect change.  Join us in peeling back the layers to build powerful movements for change.​​​​​​​
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Dr. Eveangel H. Savage
"Improving humanity with a message of hope for economic empowerment, capacity building through civic engagement & healing through health/wellness"

​Our  consultant model is helping individuals, organizations and communities to build movements with inspiring messages to find the change that accesses power with culturally responsive techniques. 

Why Do You Need Culturally Responsive Techniques?

​What works in one community may not work in another.  Research informs the concerns, successes, gaps, and recommendatons to build strong movements when consulting.  Join a team that is reaching the masses connected through organized collectives around the globe. 
I can help! ​​