What alternatives do you offer to centuries of traditions?

Welcome to
i-Mobile Group Facilitation™ 
an Audacity Group Social Enterprise LLC initiative
"Improving the culture of access with technology one group at a time"

i-Mobile Group Facilitation™ is a provider-customer model that intersects Human Services with Technology.  
Why i-Mobile Group Facilitation?​​
There is a greater demand for access through mobile supportive  environments and programming. This model has grown from 11.6 to 27.3 billion offering 24/7/365 care, curriculum, and tools for immediate help and growing exponentially.  ​Technology is influencing improved access to services. Co-create a service program that interfaces with your specific audience. 


This provider-consumer model offers solutions that help...
​►Providers with the cross-training and tools to run telecare environments​

►Increase customer loyalty
►Increase communications​
►Improve the churn​​

Patients with alternative access 24/7/365 days per year...

►remove the barriers;
►mobile anytime, mobile anywhere tools;
►affordable, convenient and improved experience 

Partners with the opportunity to collaborate with your latest developments.

►connect with provider
►connect with patients
►improve processes for all populations

Join the 
i-Mobile Group Faciliation team of facilitators who are reaching the masses connected with new progressive mobile apps that are favored by google 

"I just wanted to stop by and thank you DrEveangel H Savage for your wise coaching and inspiration. I received lots of mindset shifts in so much that my approach in developing content for my business has changed. I can stand out among the rest in the market place and for that I am grateful.  Thank you!!!  ~Monique Hatchett